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About School

Studying English in a country where the main language is English offers the students an opportunity to improve their speaking during and after the lessons and gives them a “full immersion” experience of life in England.

Being in London offers “real time” language acquisition and allows them to meet and directly deal with traditions and cultures different from theirs using cognitive flexibility, encouraging the development of language skills, and being aware of a common Western civilization.

St Joseph Foundation Language School offers to schools or private students of all ages English language programs taught by qualified teachers in addition to guided tours around the city and recreational activities.

Student welfare

We provide exceptional student care, with dedicated student welfare staff in our school and residence, ensuring that all students are looked after, safe and enjoy the stay.

Modern canteen

In our canteen we serve healthy Italian and international cuisines, we pay a lot of attention to a balanced diet without forgetting the taste and the joy of good food.

Children are welcome

We are members of the liberidieducare net, a Europe group who are dedicated to ensuring excellence in all aspects of  education, especially in the welfare of younger students.

In-house methods

We use our own in-house methods and materials that are part of our student-centred programs. This helps to ensure that we meet all the needs and requirements of all of our students.

Teaching quality

We employ dedicated professional teachers who are supported and guided by an experienced academic management team at Head Office.

Student facilities

On our Campus there are 4 study rooms, library, teachers rooms, common areas for relaxing and playing games, dining room, private garden, twin, triple and quad rooms all ensuite, Wi-fi.

Our Featured Courses

Our Featured Courses are selected through a rigorous process and uniquely created for each semester.

From the Blog

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