Start Dates 2019
Start every Wednesday all year round

What is included:

  • 15 hours of English based around the subject of photography
  • Visits to the National Portrait Gallery and Photographers Gallery
  • Photography walks around London

Maximum 10 per group for excursions out of school.

Minimum requirements
  • Level A2+
  • iPhone

Requirements, but not essential
  • DLSR Camera (or camera with manual modes) and a range of lenses
  • Tripod
  • Laptop with Adobe Photoshop (for older students)


15hrs English
Getting to know your camera and the different modes. (portrait, landscape, sports etc)
The basic “rules” of photography (rule of thirds, composition, exposure triangle, iPhoneography) Learn how to take photos at night. (light trails)
Learn about famous photographers of the world
Learn how to light your portraits well. (studio lighting)


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