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Our curricular approach has also been effective with the Specialised English courses. These are designed with set goals from the beginning based on your needs.


We have the English with Science where you can tell us what topics in particular you would like to focus on in class.

Our common topics are;

  • Astronomy- Study of planet, stars and the universe.
  • Ecology- How living things affect each other and the environment.
  • Chemistry- Study of materials, chemicals and reaction.
  • Biology- Study of living organisms.
  • Geology-Study of the physical structure and substance of the earth.
  • Psychology – Study of the human mind and its functions
  • Physics – Study of nature and properties of matter and energy


We also have English and History. You can tell us what topics you are studying or are interested in and we can provide a lesson focused on;

  • European history
  • American
  • World history
  • Asian history


We have Law and Psychology courses as well as Literature and Philosophy.


We also offer a Business English course for those who want to focus on something more specific or general.

London has a wide host of Museums and galleries where we can explore interactive lessons where we can see and dive into the topics in more details.


If you are interested in these course please feel free to contact us.


Start Dates 2021
16th-30th July / 17th-31st August

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For student who enrol we have an online test to help us prepare for your lessons. Please check out our Online test here.